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Interior designers not only improve spaces functionally and aesthetically, their creations also affect our mental states, attitude and personality. Interiors provide us with the feelings of shelter and protection, and set the stage for our lives, events and experiences.

Our quality of life is daily impacted by the interior spaces we are encounter and shape our well-being.

This is why we believe that great interior spaces need to be acknowledged, celebrated and promoted across the world, and why INT was created. Our award’s name derives from the short form used in movie scripts for interiors: INT. We bring attention to the creators who design the stages of our lives’ scenes.

Entry Process

Create your entry and submit it for award consideration without any cost.
Every entry is reviewed by the INT team, if the project is approved, you will receive an email notifying you that the project is longlisted and accepted to compete for the Interior Design of the Year title.

You only pay entry fees for guaranteed longlisted benefits.



Taking its name from the screenplay scene heading for ‘interior’, INT aims to provide a high-quality, global outlet to showcase and promote your talent, sharing your project and rewarding your hard work as you deserve.

At INT we want to demonstrate the magnificent breadth of interior design, placing your project before our panel of expert jurors and giving you a chance to in turn be placed in front of our truly international audience.

INT Winners will enjoy:

  • INT Trophy for the Interior Designers of the Year
  • Extensive global PR coverage
  • Certificates and Winner Badges
  • Inclusion in the INT Book of Interior Design




  • Interior Designers of the Year – The top winners in each main cateogory will receive the Interior Designer of the Year title from the INT jury.
  • Best of Best – The top few percent of entries that are competing for the Interior Designer of the Year title will receive the INT Best of Best distinction.
  • Winners – Category winners receive the INT winners logo and certifications.
  • Shortlisted – Entries that were not selected as winners, but were outstanding among their group.
  • Longlisted – All qualified entries will recieve the INT Offical Entry badge that they can use to promote their entry into the award program.

Deadlines and Entry Fees


Don’t wait until the last minute to enter the awards! To secure your entry, complete your payment the soonest, before the final deadline to save on entry fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Entry Process

After you create your entry, you can just finalize the submission without payment. You will receive a notification from the INT team if the entry is approved to be entered, and it made it on the longlist. 

All longlisted winners are guaranteed to receive a range of exclusive benefits, including recognition on our website and in our annual publication.

Each and every entry is personally reviewed and approved by the INT team, ensuring that only the highest quality projects are eligible to compete. ( However no personal written feedback is possible due to the scope of the program).

INT is dedicated to celebrating and sharing excellence in interior design from across the globe. INT provides opportunities to make connections with the design community and future clients as well as giving you, your studio and projects global media exposure. 

Yes, you may submit work that has been previously submitted to INT or another award program, or that has previously won an award. However, in an effort to promote the creation of new work and maintain fresh flow of ideas, we encourage you to submit new work as much as possible.

Design of the Year program

For professional submissions you need to provide the following information:

  • Lead Designer (required)
  • List of Team Members (optional)
  • Project Name (required)
  • Client (optional)
  • Category(ies) (required)

Once you create your entry, you will have a text box allowing you to use 600 characters to do a description of your project (public – this text will be used on the winner’s page, and in the winners book). There is a second box in case you want to add some information for the jury.

On the next page, you will be able to upload up to 10 images of your project, and one PDF. Please note that PDF documents will not be viewable by the public; this is only for jurying purposes.

We encourage participants to submit as much information as possible for a better representation of your project. You could also add links (videos, online materials, website, etc). 

If you want to have an exact idea of what the submission looks like, we suggest that you create one entry after registration. The payment is the last thing to do, so you will know exactly what is required.

Yes, you don’t have to be an interior designer to submit your project. The INT welcomes creative thinkers from around the world to participate. Developers and clients can also submit their portfolios for consideration.

We accept both completed, in progress, and conceptual projects. Finished projects must be completed within the past 5 years.

There are no specific categories for projects at the render stage but entries can be submitted as not-completed designs or in progress in all categories.

If it’s a project you worked on during your studies, you can enter it as a student even if now you are a professional. So create a Student profile.
If in the future, you wish to enter projects that you worked on as a professional, you will have to create another profile, as a professional.

You are not required to submit your drawings, section plans, or floor plans. However we encourage participants to submit as much information as possible for a better representation of the project. We understand that every project is unique, therefore, you have the freedom to submit any information that you think is suitable. We encourage you to provide a plan of at least one section. This is to ensure our jury will have enough information for project evaluation.

No, the design doesn’t have to be designed or built in the US to participate in the competition. INT is a global awards program.

On the “preview entry” page, photos do not show at their full resolution, that is why they look a bit blurry/low-res. However, when the jury makes their selection, they see the full resolution images. If you are a winner, these are also the images used on our website and for promotion.

After you log into your account, you will see all the details of your submission in History > Completed. If you click on your entry ID, you will preview your entry.
If you didn’t receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder or email us if you cannot find it.

Yes, you are able to edit some details of your entry after paying such as the description, and images.
You will not be able to edit the title of the entry, and the categories entered.

You can withdraw your entry within 48 hours of submission. Please email our team for assistance and additional information. Please be informed that when you request a full refund, your original transaction fee is credited back to you minus a processing fee.

No, you don’t have to be working in the US to participate in the competition. INT is a global awards program.

The entry is not anonymous. Feel free to leave the name of the studio on your submitted documents.

There are no specific categories for projects at the render stage but entries can be submitted as conceptual designs or in progress in all categories.

One cover image is required, that will be used as the entry profile picture to showcase and identify your entry. It should be the best image to represent your project. 

In addition, up to 10 supporting images can be submitted with each project as well. You can also submit one PDF file, in A4 or Letter-sized format.

Images must not exceed 4MB per file and should be minimum 1000 pixels on the longest side. Images must be saved as JPEGs (.jpg, .jpeg) or PNGs (.png).

The PDF file should be A4 or Letter-sized format. The uploaded PDF can be multiple pages long, but cannot exceed 4MB.


You can view the list of categories here:

Entries that are submitted into multiple categories enjoy a 30% discount on additional categories — to benefit from the discount, it has to be the same entry, same images, same text, same PDF.
It is the exact same project but entered into several categories.
If you create different entries, it would cost the full price each.

Yes. There is no limit to how many categories a project can be submitted to and it is possible to win multiple times. The more categories you enter the better your chances to win!

The award program offers 85 sub-categories, separated into three disciplines: Residential, Public and Commercial Interior Design. In most cases, a project will be suitable for one category; however, there is no limit to how many categories a project can be submitted.

We don’t have strict definitions about the categories. We generally encourage entrants to submit their projects where they see them fitting best. 

If you feel a project spans over two or more categories, entering in each will give you a better chance of success.


At the INT, we’ve put together a reliable and fair voting system. Winners will be selected in a few rounds of voting using our online, innovative custom-made voting system.


First round: Initial Review & Longlist

After submitting your entry online, the INT editors and our expert judges will personally review your project. Please wait for an approval email from the INT team if your entry is selected for the next round of judging. If your entry is selected, this is when you can finalize your entry by paying the affordable entry fee.
The approved entries that have paid the entry fee are known as the INT longlist or Official Selection.


Second round: Shortlist & Winners Selection
At this stage, a set of entries are assigned to jurors based on their expertise. Our expert jurors will score projects based on design excellence (including aesthetics, environmental, cultural, and contextual considerations) and the overall originality of the project. The projects’ practicality, fulfillment of functional requirements, sustainability practices, and overall environmental considerations are also taken into consideration during the judging process. Sub-category winners are selected in this round.


Third round: Best of Best Selection
This is where the highest-scored entries from across all categories are selected, these will receive the "Best of Best" title.


Final round: Designers Of the Year Selection
Entries that received the ‘Best of Best’ title will be revised once again by the jury, who will select their top three favorite projects to be nominated for the Interior Design of the Year. The entry that receives the highest number of nominations in each main category (residential, commercial, and public interior design) will be awarded as the Design of the Year and receive the INT trophy.

All successful entrants will receive the Winner’s logo and are entitled to use it for commercial purposes to promote their winnings.

Receiving the INT award is not only a significant achievement in interior design, but also a unique opportunity to show off your work, get your name out there, and receive promotional materials to publicize your achievements and gain exposure for your firm and projects worldwide.

The INT awards jury panel of jury is made up of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds globally. Our jury members are leading industry professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, art, journalism, architectural photography, education, who are all helping to shape the future of design. Winners and finalists will have their work seen by our panel of influential design visionaries. 

For a complete list of the jury please click here.

Due to the scope of the competition, our judges are unable to provide individual feedback on projects.

Winning Details

Stay tuned for the details.

You can access your winning certificate and badge by login to your INT account, then clicking on History.

Invoices will be emailed to you from ProAwards Group KFT.

In the Winners section, you can access your certificate and badge.

As an entrant, you will receive a notification by email whether your entry has been awarded or not (sometimes they get caught up by spam filters though, so we suggest that you check your filters to allow emails from INT). You can also follow us on social media to have updates.

The Interior Design of the Year Award winners will have their designs showcased to a worldwide audience, receive the INT trophy, and enjoy extensive publicity throughout the following year in addition to the following benefits:

  • Press campaign directed to hundreds of thousands of design professionals, press, and potential clients worldwide,
  • A profile in the online directory, making it easier for you to be reached by prospective clients and community,
  • Feature in the Book of Architecture,
  • Online Certificate of Achievement,
  • Winners Seal to promote winning online, on social media and in printed material.

Only the three finalists in the disciplines of residential, public, and commercial interior design receive the INT trophy. Winners in each of the 85 individual categories receive online certificates and have the option to purchase the trophy.
Winners can access and print out their winner’s certificates and marketing badges by logging onto their INT account, and go to History > Winning entries.

There will be finalists in each discipline of the INT programs: residential, public and commercial interior design. Each will receive the INT trophy.
In addition to this, projects in each of the individual categories will be awarded winners certificates by the jury.

There can be more than one winner per category, or none, it depends on the ratings the entries received. If several projects in the same category have been graded high by the jury, those projects will be winners. On the other side, if no project made it to the minimum grade to be considered a winner in one given category, there won’t be any winner in that category.

We use this system to be fair to all entries, some categories having a large number of entrants and others just a couple.

In addition to the projects awarded in the individual sub-categories, there are three finalists in the main categories.

Deadlines & Fees

You can find the most recent deadlines on the About page.

Winners will be announced 6-8 weeks after submissions close.

Design of the Year program

Take advantage of the Early Entry Discounts!  The submission fees start in the Entry phases with -50% discount is applied.

Entries that are submitted into multiple categories enjoy an extra -30% discount on additional categories — to benefit from this discount, select multiple categories when creating the entry. It has to be the exact same project (same text, same images) entered in different categories.

Professional regular fee is € 250 per entry.
Student fees are € 60 per entry.

Entries that are submitted into multiple categories enjoy a 30% discount on additional categories — to benefit from the discount, it has to be the same entry, same images, same text, same PDF. It is the exact same project, but entered into several categories.

If you create different entries, it would cost full price each.

No, there are no extra fees for non-US or non-EU participants.

No. There are no extra fees, winners can access their resources online, including the winner’s certificate and seal by logging into their INT account. 

VAT is charged to customers from the EU, based on their home country's VAT rate.

If an intra-EU VIES VAT ID is provided the VAT fees are not charged on the payment page.

VIES VAT ID stands for "VAT Information Exchange System Value Added Tax Identification Number". It is a unique identifier assigned to a business registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union (EU). The VIES VAT ID is used to verify the VAT registration status of a business in the EU and ensure compliance with EU VAT regulations.

You can validate your VIES VAT ID here:


Our e-newsletter keeps you informed about the INT award news, updates and deadlines. Subscribe here to receive the newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We apologize for this. In most cases, payments done by a participant do not appear on the user interface in real time as there are unavoidable delays due to internet connections. The process starts with the participant’s bank and sending that information to our own bank which confirms the payment either on our Paypal or VISA/Mastercard accounts. Thank you for your patience. Check again in a couple of days.

Yes, at this time we only accept Euros.

You can pay for your submission online via PayPal or credit card.

You can access your invoice by logging into your account, then clicking on History. In the Completed section, you will be able to download and print your invoice.

“Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design.”
— Stephen Gardiner
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