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Gumhee Yoon: A Luminary of Creativity in Interior Design

Captivating Spaces: The Vision of Gumhee Yoon

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, innovation and creativity are essential. Gumhee Yoon, the lead at Leegong Inc., embodies these qualities. With a notable win at the INT Awards, Yoon has reinforced her role as a leader in the field. Based in Wonju-Si, Korea, her firm is celebrated for its distinctive projects, particularly the Enchanted House, a Korean Steak House. This establishment exemplifies Yoon’s talent for merging traditional elements with modern design.

Portrait of Gumhee Yoon, lead at Leegong Inc.
Portrait of Gumhee Yoon
The Enchanted House goes beyond being just a dining venue; it offers an immersion into a world inspired by Korean folklore, where mythical creatures representing joy and beauty are celebrated. The high ceilings and design elements that echo traditional Korean homes, combined with captivating lighting and a harmonious mix of refined colors and wood, establish a warm and enchanting ambiance.
Interior view of the Enchanted House, showcasing traditional Korean design elements and modern aesthetics
Enchanted House, Korean Steak House

Exclusive Interview with Gumhee Yoon

In an exclusive interview, Gumhee Yoon shares insights into her creativity, challenges, and the impact of the INT Awards on her career.

1. Can you share how winning at the INT Awards has influenced your views on your creative journey or business?

Gumhee Yoon: The victory at the INT Awards has been an extraordinary experience. It opened doors to connect with global designers and share trends and visions. This accolade has played a crucial role in shaping the future direction of our design endeavors.

2. What were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises you faced during the INT Awards submission and evaluation?

Gumhee Yoon: The submission process resembled that of other awards, which was a bit disappointing. I am hopeful that the INT Awards will evolve into a more thematic and unique award system.

3. What inspires your creativity, and how do you approach the creative process in your interior design work?

Gumhee Yoon: Our inspiration stems from understanding and reflecting the preferences of the end users of our spaces. Given the rapid changes in global demographics, we aim to create spaces that resonate with people, infusing these ideas with the designer’s own artistic flair.

4. How do you expect the INT Award to impact your credibility and reputation in the interior design industry?

Gumhee Yoon: Receiving the INT Award is a step towards establishing a widely recognized brand in the world of interior design. It promises to expand our customer base and enhance our reputation in the industry.

Dining area inside the Enchanted House, with traditional Korean decor and dreamy lighting.
Enchanted House - Dinning Area

The Future of Design with Gumhee Yoon

Gumhee Yoon’s vision and creativity in interior design are unmistakable. Her approach, skillfully blending traditional and modern design elements, sets new standards in the industry. The Enchanted House stands as a testament to Yoon’s innovative approach and her team’s commitment, including Bongpil Her, Eunhye Choi, Hwandong Lee, Jisoo Kim, and Inji Jung. As Gumhee Yoon continues her journey in interior design, her influence and the experiences she creates will undoubtedly engage and inspire designers and enthusiasts around the world.
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