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Elevating Design Excellence with Irina Nikolaeva

Irina Nikolaeva, the lead at Design World in Miami, United States, has recently won the esteemed INT Interior Design Award for her outstanding work on the Orlando project. Explore the insights of this exceptional designer as she unveils her creative journey and the profound impact of winning the INT Award.

Interior of Orlando project (by Irina Nikolaeva) featuring a stylish blue cozy couch

About the Project: Orlando by Design World

Irina Nikolaeva showcased her design prowess in the Orlando project, skillfully assembling a harmonious blend of contrasts. Subdued pastel hues, including light brown, white, and light gray, served as a backdrop, enabling the vibrant furniture and accessories to command attention. The deliberate focus on lines and shapes defined the stylistic energy, resulting in an interior that mirrored a carefully curated image.

Exclusive Interview with Irina Nikolaeva

1. Influences and Reflections on Creative Journey

Can you share how winning at the INT Awards has influenced your views on your creative journey or business?

Irina Nikolaeva: Experience and comprehensive research into the relationship between design and the psychology of human perception help me create interiors in which people feel psychological protection and tranquility.

2. Standout Moments, Challenges, and Surprises

What were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises you faced during the INT Awards submission and evaluation?

Irina Nikolaeva: For me, it was a challenge to myself and my work. It was exciting to showcase my work to everyone.

3. Sources of Inspiration and Creative Process

What inspires your creativity, and how do you approach the creative process in your interior design work?

Irina Nikolaeva: My work is a source of inspiration for me. I personally communicate with each client and do everything possible to achieve the desired goal: to create an exclusive interior design that reflects the client’s expectations and fits into the space. When I see that my clients are satisfied with the result of my work, I understand that my efforts are not in vain.

4. Impact on Credibility and Reputation

How do you expect the INT Award to impact your credibility and reputation in the interior design industry?

Irina Nikolaeva: I will proudly display my award on my website and share news of my victory with the world!

5. The INT Award Experience

As an INT Award winner, what aspects of the experience do you find most valuable, and would you recommend it to fellow interior designers?

Irina Nikolaeva: Every designer should participate in competitions of this scale, as it fosters professional growth and boosts self-esteem.

6. Future Plans with the INT Awards

Do you plan to apply for the next edition of the INT Awards?

Irina Nikolaeva: Of course, I plan to! It serves as an incentive for a creative flow and the discovery of new possibilities.

A beautifully designed kitchen and living room showcase the talent of Irina Nikolaeva

Harmony in Design: Irina Nikolaeva

From the quick exploration of Irina Nikolaeva’s design philosophy to her reflections on the creative process, this interview has unveiled the mind behind the masterpieces. As her words resonate, so does the impact of her award-winning Orlando project. Irina Nikolaeva isn’t merely a designer at Design World; she is a custodian of emotional spaces, crafting interiors that transcend aesthetics to offer psychological protection and tranquility.

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