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Jazzbi Chew: Shaping the Future of Interior Design

Overview of the main hall inside the Futuristic Galaxy Walk, highlighting the central design elements.
Inside the Futuristic Galaxy Walk

At the forefront of Zcube Designs, Jazzbi Chew brings a fresh and innovative approach to interior design. Her recent project, “Futuristic Galaxy Walk Astrum Gallery,” earned a spot on the 2023 INT Awards shortlist, showcasing her talent for creating immersive, engaging spaces that captivate audiences.

Project Spotlight: Futuristic Galaxy Walk Astrum Gallery

The “Futuristic Galaxy Walk Astrum Gallery” demonstrates Jazzbi Chew’s vision of combining modern aesthetics with user-centric design. This project redefines traditional sales galleries by integrating digital elements and innovative features like LED lighting and reflective surfaces, offering visitors an exciting and futuristic experience.

Futuristic robot in the entry rounded hall with advanced wall designs in the Futuristic Galaxy Walk.

Interview with Jazzbi Chew

Jazzbi Chew, the award-winning interior designer from Zcube Designs
Jazzbi Chew

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background and creative practice?

Jazzbi Chew: My design philosophy focuses on creating immersive and engaging experiences for users. For the ‘Futuristic Galaxy Walk’ project, I targeted the Futurist generation, incorporating space-age elements, LED lighting, and reflective surfaces to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement. I also believe in using unexpected elements to keep users engaged, as seen in unique showroom themes like ‘Candy House’ and ‘Avatar.’

2. What was the brief for the award-winning project?

Jazzbi Chew: A standout feature of the ‘Futuristic Galaxy Walk’ project was integrating digital elements into the physical design. Interactive elements like the GYM LED screen and the reflective tunnel made the experience more engaging and set it apart from traditional sales galleries.

Walking through the futuristic tunnel in the Futuristic Galaxy Walk, showcasing innovative design elements.

3. What inspired the winning project?

Jazzbi Chew: During brainstorming, we explored various concepts to create unique and engaging showrooms. We found that using nostalgia to connect with the Futurist generation was effective. While they look to the future, they also appreciate elements from their childhood. This led to themes like ‘Candy House’ and ‘Avatar,’ reimagined with a futuristic twist, which resonated strongly and shaped the final concept.

4. What challenges did you face during the project?

Jazzbi Chew: Winning the ‘Futuristic Galaxy Walk Astrum Gallery’ was an honor and a testament to our team’s dedication. One major challenge was executing the slanted ceilings, crucial for creating the immersive, space-like atmosphere. Ensuring high accuracy in installation was essential, and overcoming this required determination and teamwork. The flawless execution of the ceilings truly brought our vision to life.

5. What sparked your passion for interior design, and how has your journey evolved?

Jazzbi Chew: The journey for aspiring designers involves dedication and perseverance. This recognition affirms that my design philosophy resonates globally and motivates me to push creative boundaries. Interior design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating spaces that evoke emotions and a sense of belonging. Winning these awards has reinforced this commitment and inspired me to explore new ways to create impactful environments.

6. How would you describe your style, and what principles guide your creative decisions?

Jazzbi Chew: My style aims to create spaces that evoke emotions and a sense of belonging. It’s about how a space makes people feel, not just how it looks. I often use experiential design to create wonder and excitement, using innovative materials, lighting techniques, and interactive elements.

7. Which project holds a special place in your heart, and why?

Jazzbi Chew: The ‘Futuristic Galaxy Walk – Astrum Gallery’ holds a special place for me. It allowed me to explore an innovative design concept and create an immersive experience. The project resonated with my core philosophy of evoking emotions and presented technical challenges, particularly with the slanted ceilings. Overcoming these challenges and seeing the final design come to life was incredibly fulfilling.

8. How do you stay updated on emerging design trends?

Jazzbi Chew: Design is constantly evolving. At Zcube, we never stop learning and growing. I seek inspiration from diverse sources, collaborate with international designers, and attend conferences like Rix 30 @ 30s. While awards are great recognition, design excellence should be the primary motivator. Strive to create spaces that make a difference and leave a lasting impression.

Relaxing chill room in the Futuristic Galaxy Walk with modern, comfortable furnishings.

9. How do you continue to grow as a designer? Any significant learning experiences?

Jazzbi Chew: With over a decade in the industry, I constantly seek inspiration and interact with outstanding designers worldwide. I’m involved in alumni activities with the Society of British Interior Designers, ShenZhen Association of Interior Designers, Society of Interior Designers Singapore, and IED Alumni in Italy. I was also honored to speak at Rix 30 @ 30s in 2019 and MIID i-talk in 2020.

10. How do you balance client needs with your style?

Jazzbi Chew: My focus is always on exceeding client expectations and delivering a design that aligns with their vision. I achieve this through clear communication and close collaboration. Understanding their needs and preferences allows me to tailor my approach while incorporating my creative expertise. A successful design often reflects both the client’s vision and my style, achieved through open discussions and creative exploration.

11. How do you feel about receiving an INT Interior Design Award?

Jazzbi Chew: Receiving an INT Interior Design Award is a tremendous honor. I’m grateful to the jury for recognizing our hard work and dedication. This award validates our commitment to creating impactful spaces that go beyond aesthetics. It motivates us to continue innovating and exploring new design solutions. While I’m honored to receive this recognition, it’s truly a testament to the talent and dedication of my entire team.

Inside the Futuristic Galaxy Walk, showcasing custom ceilings and walls with advanced design elements
Futuristic Galaxy Walk

The Impact of Jazzbi Chew in Design

Jazzbi Chew’s achievements in interior design, highlighted by her recognition at the INT Awards and the success of “Futuristic Galaxy Walk,” mark her as a distinguished figure in the industry. Her ability to blend futuristic concepts with engaging, immersive design elements sets her work apart. Designers and enthusiasts worldwide can draw inspiration from her innovative approach, creating spaces that are both visually captivating and emotionally resonant. Jazzbi Chew’s journey continues to inspire and set a benchmark for excellence in interior design.

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