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Nivedhitha Ravi: Transforming Spaces with 'Ngali'

A Glimpse into the World of Nivedhitha Ravi

In a field where blending cultural narratives with design is both challenging and essential, Nivedhitha Ravi emerges as a visionary in merging these elements. As a standout student at the New York School of Interior Design, her groundbreaking approach in the Ngali retail space project is a profound illustration of how design can transcend mere aesthetics to tell powerful stories. This project, a harmonious blend of Australian Indigenous art and contemporary fashion, not only showcases her unique skill set but also positions her as an influential figure in the global design community.

Portrait of Nivedhitha Ravi, an innovative interior designer from the New York School of Interior Design
Portrait of Nivedhitha Ravi

Ngali: A Confluence of Art and Retail

Nivedhitha Ravi’s latest venture, the Ngali flagship store in New York, stands as a testament to her unique vision. This project is more than a retail space; it’s an immersive experience that blends Australian Indigenous art with fashion. Ngali, a women’s clothing brand, finds its ethos in celebrating Indigenous creativity, with fabric serving as the canvas for their artistic expressions. 

Nivedhitha, as the lead designer, has ingeniously projected Ngali’s prints onto the store’s interiors, allowing visitors not only to view but also to walk through and ultimately wear this art. The store’s first floor doubles as a gallery where clothing transforms into art pieces, while the retail space below invites customers into a world where fashion and art merge seamlessly.

Interior view of Ngali retail space, showcasing the fusion of Australian Indigenous art with modern design
Tinted the Sky with Pink

Exclusive Interview with Nivedhitha Ravi

Insights into a Creative Mind

1. How has winning at the INT Awards shaped your perspective on your creative journey?

Nivedhitha Ravi: Winning at the INT Awards has reinforced my belief in a research-based, experimental approach to design. I prefer tailoring each project to its unique requirements, focusing on the client’s needs, brand identity, and user experience. This adaptive and contextual method played a pivotal role in the success of my diverse projects at the INT Awards.

2. Could you share some standout experiences or challenges during the INT Awards submission?

Nivedhitha Ravi: The INT Awards submission process accentuated my design strengths, particularly in three-dimensional rendering. My ability to create detailed renders and sections helped in vividly conveying the essence of my projects, proving advantageous during the submission phase.

3. What fuels your creativity, and how do you approach the creative process in your projects?

Nivedhihta Ravi: Each project demands a distinct approach. For Ngali, I delved deep into the brand’s ethos, drawing inspiration from their clothing and logo, and researched various brand imaging strategies in SoHo, New York. Contrastingly, the Wagner Senior Community Center project required a focus on user needs, particularly of seniors, leading to a problem-solving approach in design.

4. How do you anticipate the INT Award will influence your reputation in the interior design industry?

Nivedhihta Ravi: The INT Award should highlight my design approach as experimental yet deeply rooted in research. My versatility and technical skills, showcased in the diversity of my award-winning projects, should enhance my credibility and demonstrate my unique style in the industry.

5. As an INT Award winner, what aspects of the experience do you find most valuable for fellow designers?

Nivedhihta Ravi: The award experience taught me the importance of concise presentation in design. It’s crucial to effectively communicate the essence of a design through limited imagery and text, a skill I believe is vital for aspiring designers.

6. Do you plan to participate in the next edition of the INT Awards?

Nivedhihta Ravi: I am excited to apply for the next edition of the INT Awards as a professional, validating my conceptual and technical skills. The awards not only bolster my design philosophy but also serve as a credible showcase of my abilities to potential employers.

First floor of Ngali retail space, designed by Nivedhitha Ravi, displaying clothing as art pieces in a gallery-like setting.
The Kitchen in 'Tinted the Sky with Pink' project

Envisioning Tomorrow: Nivedhitha Ravi’s Impact on Interior Design

Nivedhitha Ravi, with her innovative approach and successful ventures like the Ngali project, stands as an exemplary figure in modern interior design. Her journey, marked by prestigious awards like the INT Awards, paves the way for a future where design goes beyond traditional limits, merging art, culture, and functionality. As she continues to shape spaces with her unique vision, Nivedhitha Ravi remains a name to watch in the global interior design landscape.
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