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Pawel Sokol: Redefining Interior Excellence with Black Amber

INT Awards Winner BAJER SOKÓŁ TEAM Transforms a 160-square-metre Shell Dwelling into a Masterpiece.

Black and white portrait of Pawel Sokol (in the front)

About the Project: Black Amber

In the heart of Warsaw, Poland, a 160-square-meter home has been transformed into a comfortable living space that seamlessly combines practicality with sophisticated design. The visionaries behind this transformation are none other than the esteemed BAJER SOKÓŁ TEAM, led by the renowned architect Pawel Sokol. The project serves a private client—a couple with their son and their beloved family pet, a large dog. The success of Black Amber lies in the harmony between the clients and the designers, a testament to the understanding that flourished throughout the project. The clients’ decision to entrust the BAJER SOKÓŁ team was fueled by the assurance of a sophisticated aesthetic, a choice that undeniably paid off.

Elegant interior of Black Amber project

Exclusive Interview with Pawel Sokol

1. Can you share how winning at the INT Awards has influenced your views on your creative journey or business?

Pawel Sokol: Our design office has been a part of the Polish market since 2001. Throughout these years, we’ve crafted our unique style and philosophy. Our extensive portfolio showcases the hundreds of interiors we’ve designed, with detailed mood boards highlighting precise color schemes and materials. Clients seeking a serene and polished interior consistently choose us.

2. What were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises you faced during the INT Awards submission and evaluation?

Pawel Sokol: Details and consistency have been the cornerstones of our success. Working closely with the same contractors for years has allowed us to communicate effectively, ensuring they grasp our priorities and our clients’ needs. Our involvement spans from functional plans to the final photo session, showcasing a comprehensive approach visible in our photos, publications, and awards.

3. What inspires your creativity, and how do you approach the creative process in your interior design work?

Pawel Sokol: The standout aspect of the Black Amber project is the remarkable collaboration with the client. From the initial meetings, the client provided a wish list, and remarkably, it remained unchanged throughout the project. This ideal client relationship enabled us to design the interior as if it were for ourselves, culminating in a final effect that brought immense satisfaction to the client.

4. How do you expect the INT Award to impact your credibility and reputation in the interior design industry?

Pawel Sokol: It’s challenging to predict the exact impact of the INT Award on our credibility, but we recognize the importance of social media in sharing our projects with potential clients. Awards serve as tangible proof of our commitment to quality in an industry flooded with new designers and the looming presence of AI. As one of the premier Polish interior design offices, our clients affirm that our approach is the epitome of excellence.

5. As an INT Award winner, what aspects of the experience do you find most valuable, and would you recommend it to fellow interior designers?

Pawel Sokol: Consequence and quality continue to be the driving forces in the design market. While immediate recognition may not be apparent, steadfast commitment to these principles will undoubtedly attract a loyal following over time. The INT Award serves as a valuable endorsement, affirming the quality and originality embedded in our work.

6. Do you plan to apply for the next edition of the INT Awards?

Pawel Sokol: Leveraging social media, coupled with awards, remains a crucial strategy in showcasing our latest projects to potential clients. The INT Awards play a role in not only validating our commitment to quality but also in broadening our client base.


Kitchen interior from the Black Amber project

Mastering Interior Excellence: Pawel Sokol’s Consistent Design Philosophy

In the ever-changing landscape of interior design, Pawel Sokol and the BAJER SOKÓŁ TEAM stand as pillars of commitment to excellence. From the first stroke of a concept to the final frame in a photo session, their precise approach resonates in every corner of their creations. The INT Awards not only recognize their achievements but also serve as a testament to the lasting value of consistency and quality in the world of design. As Pawel Sokol charts the path forward, one can’t help but anticipate the continued brilliance that will undoubtedly emerge from the BAJER SOKÓŁ design studio—a reliable force in the world of interior innovation.

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