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Theresa Obermoser and the Creation of Am Hof 8

Unveiling Theresa Obermoser’s Masterpiece: Am Hof 8’s Award-Winning Design

Theresa Obermoser, a name synonymous with visionary interior design, has recently gained widespread recognition with Am Hof 8 winning the esteemed title of Commercial Interior Design of the Year at the INT Awards. This exclusive interview offers a deep dive into the creative genius behind Am Hof 8, revealing the challenges, inspirations, and impact this award has on Obermoser’s illustrious career.

Theresa Obermoser sitting on a stylish couch inside the award-winning Am Hof 8.
Theresa Obermoser in Am Hof 8

Project Spotlight: Am Hof 8 – A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Situated in the heart of Vienna, Am Hof 8 stands as a crowning
achievement for Theresa Obermoser and her team at T.O. Interior Design.
This first-of-its-kind Private Members Club in Austria elegantly weaves
together the historical charm of its setting with modern, trend-setting
design across its eight floors. From its subterranean nightclub to the
rooftop terrace, Am Hof 8 embodies a unique social retreat, offering a
variety of dining, working, and leisure spaces, each infused with
Obermoser’s signature style of mindful design that respects Vienna’s
rich heritage while embracing global trends.

The cozy, elegantly designed rooftop area of Am Hof 8
Am Hof 8's Rooftop

Exclusive Interview with Theresa Obermoser


1. How has winning at the INT Awards influenced your views on your creative journey?

Theresa Obermoser: Winning the INT Award for the design of the private members club at Am Hof 8 has been a transformative experience for me. It’s a validation of the creative choices and efforts invested in the project. This recognition has not only boosted my confidence but has also provided a unique vantage point to reflect on my creative journey. It reinforces the belief that innovative and thoughtful design is not only appreciated but celebrated on a broader stage. Professionally, it has opened new doors and expanded my network within the interior design industry. It serves as a testament to the quality of work my team and I can deliver, setting a high standard for future projects.

2. Can you describe the standout moments or challenges faced during the INT Awards submission?

Theresa Obermoser: The submission and evaluation process for the INT Awards was a rigorous yet rewarding journey. One standout moment was the realization that the competition attracts some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. It was both humbling and inspiring to be part of such a talented pool of designers. Challenges arose in effectively communicating the essence of the Am Hof 8 project through the submission materials, pushing us to distill the design concept into a compelling narrative. Surprisingly, the feedback received during the evaluation process was constructive and insightful, providing valuable perspectives that ultimately contributed to refining the design.

3. What inspires your creativity in interior design?

Theresa Obermoser: Creativity, for me, is fueled by a combination of diverse inspirations and a deep understanding of the client’s vision. Nature, art, and cultural experiences play a significant role in sparking my imagination. The creative process often begins with thorough research and immersion in the project’s context. I believe in creating a collaborative atmosphere within my team, encouraging the exchange of ideas. Regarding rituals, maintaining a sketchbook to jot down spontaneous thoughts and ideas is a practice I find invaluable. Regularly attending design events, exploring new materials, and staying attuned to global design trends also contribute to a continuous wellspring of inspiration.

4. How do you expect the INT Award to impact your credibility in the industry?

Theresa Obermoser: The INT Award serves as a prestigious accolade that undoubtedly enhances my credibility and reputation in the interior design industry. It positions me as a designer with a proven track record of excellence. This recognition is not only a personal achievement but also a mark of distinction for my design studio. I anticipate that the award will attract more attention from potential clients and collaborators, fostering new opportunities and partnerships. It reinforces trust in my ability to deliver innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs.

5. As an INT Award winner, what do you find most valuable about the experience?

Theresa Obermoser: The most valuable aspect of the INT Awards experience has been the platform it provides to showcase one’s work on an international stage. It offers unparalleled visibility and the chance to connect with industry leaders, peers, and potential clients. I would strongly encourage fellow interior designers to participate as it not only offers validation and recognition but also invaluable feedback from seasoned professionals. The networking opportunities alone make it a worthwhile endeavor, fostering relationships that can significantly contribute to one’s growth in the field. The INT Award has reinforced the importance of pushing creative boundaries and staying true to a distinctive design philosophy. It encourages me to continue embracing innovation and thoughtful design solutions in all my projects. For aspiring designers, I would emphasize the significance of participating in competitions like INT. It’s not just about winning; the process itself is a valuable learning experience. Be open to critique, use it as a tool for growth, and never shy away from showcasing your unique perspective and design flair.

6. Do you plan to apply for the next edition of the INT Awards?

Theresa Obermoser: Absolutely, I envision myself participating in the next edition of the INT Awards. The prospect of challenging myself on an international stage, competing with top-tier designers, and gaining exposure to diverse design approaches is immensely motivating. The INT Awards platform not only elevates one’s profile within the industry but also serves as a barometer for measuring one’s growth and relevance in the dynamic world of interior design. The opportunity to showcase evolving design philosophies and staying connected with global trends makes it an essential component of my ongoing professional journey.

Interior view of Am Hof 8's stylish bar, exemplifying modern interior design.
Am Hof 8

The Art of Innovation with Theresa Obermoser

The story of Am Hof 8, an award-winning project led by Theresa Obermoser of T.O. Interior Design, extends beyond mere recognition; it embodies a continuous dedication to design excellence. As Obermoser reshapes and innovates in interior design, her achievements offer inspiration. They illustrate how the fusion of historical elegance with modern, innovative design can create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also richly connected to their cultural heritage. The interior design community eagerly awaits future projects from T.O. Interior Design, guided by Obermoser’s inventive approach, which has already set new standards in the industry with the success of Am Hof 8.

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