INT Interior Design Awards 0
Mirela Osmanović

"The Footsteps of those who did(not) cross"

Firm LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Lead ArchitectSamina Tanović
Design Teamcurator: Azir Osmanović, Elma Hodžic, Elma Hašimbegović. Space and visual design: Samina Tanović. Grafic design: Bernard Pavlinović. Tehnical consultant: Armin Šepić
ClientMemorial Center Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The exhibition deals with the fate of men and boys during the Srebrenica genocide. It is on permanent display at the authentic site of the genocide, i.e., in the former factory, todays Memorial Centre. Visual design follows the narrative, taking visitors on a journey and emphasising mechanisms of survival by using video testimonies, documents and artefacts. The installation, consisting of authentic shoes found in the woods around Srebrenica, and written thoughts and fears of survivors, creates a central part of the exhibition and symbolises the footsteps of those who did (not) cross.