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View of the living room with full vista of a large green area/Fran Parente

Vilaboim Apartment

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Lead ArchitectFernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo M Ferraz
Design TeamManagers: Desyree Niedo, Gabriel Mota, Guilherme Prado, Juliana Cadó; Coordinators: Iacy Gottschalk; Contributors: Bruno Suman, Carolina Hirata, Eduardo Vale, Gilberto Sales, Gustavo Hohmann, Larissa Sartori, Letícia Gonzalez, Lucas Lima, Pedro Ocanhas, Victor Lucena, Vitória Colsato

The apartment furniture was established primarily as a kind of beginning of collection for the owners, almost all of them of Brazilian design, from modernists to contemporaries. The result of the project is a very integrated space, fluid, with materials and furniture that we consider timeless for a perennial project, but that houses layout changes with ease without losing the general characteristics of the intervention. A house that is not tied to fads and ages worthily, in the same way as the wonderful building in which it is inserted.