INT Interior Design Awards 0

Cambridge Palace

Firm LocationVancouver , Canada
CompanySchedio Spaces
Lead ArchitectJenalee Nordstrom
Design Team3 (Design Team), 2 (Shop Team), 5 (Build Team)
ClientCouple in their late thirties who wanted their condo to function like a full-size home despite its very small size (less than 826 square feet / 76 square metres)

This two-bedroom condo needed a complete redesign, with a cramped kitchen and little storage. The unit had plenty of natural light, inspiring a design that uses negative space and shadows to create new lines and depth. A green slat wall disguises floor-to-ceiling storage, while a custom built-in dining banquette with a white oak lift-up top and drawers maximizes functionality. The bathroom combines mixed materials with matte black finishes and white oak details for a clean, sleek aesthetic. The result is an open flow concept with warm, textural accents that invite exploration and interaction.