INT Interior Design Awards 0
Jun Studio is a stunning example of exceptional design that seamlessly blends luxury with comfort / Janis Nicolay

Jun Studio

Firm LocationVancouver , Canada
CompanySchedio Spaces
Lead ArchitectJenalee Nordstrom
Design Team3 (Design) 2 (Shop) 5 (Build)
ClientBIPOC Women owned beauty studio (lashes and makeup)

Jun Studio is an exquisite example of design that effortlessly combines luxury and comfort. The salon's handcrafted and custom pieces blend perfectly with its organic "Tulum-meets-Florence" aesthetic. The space is filled with natural light and the soft texture of natural lime wash paint. Italian Viola marble is used throughout the salon and balances curved lines and brass lighting. The standout feature is the 10-foot Ficus Audrey tree that grows above custom origami-inspired lash beds. The space is finished with textural art pieces, making it a remarkable place for relaxation and pampering.