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A majestic floating staircase in walnut and glass, outlined with indirect lighting, acts both as an impressive eye-catcher and a warm, atmospheric connector between the floors. Photocredit Renaat Nijs

Ageas international headquarters Brussels

Firm LocationHasselt, Belgium
CompanyCreneau International
Lead ArchitectDavy Grosemans

Creneau's latest design project, the headquarters of insurance multinational Ageas in Brussels, is a direct response to the post-Covid work environment's need for adaptability, community, well-being, sustainability, and advanced technology. With extensive experience in hospitality, Creneau has managed to create a work environment that feels more like home than a traditional office, while also using innovative techniques to achieve a truly hybrid workspace. The partnership with two art organizations, Kunst in Huis and Copper & Light, demonstrates Ageas' commitment to creativity and community.