INT Interior Design Awards 0
Designed by Rosan Bosch Studio, photo by Kim Wendt

Campus Zottegem

Firm LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Project locationBelgium
CompanyRosan Bosch Studio
Design TeamRosan Bosch Studio
ClientGO! Onderwijsvan de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Go! Campus Zottegem in Belgium is a visionary public school designed for playful learning to ignite students' motivation and foster 21st century skills. The 4,400 sqm boast a vibrant indoor and outdoor learning spaces that inspire freedom of choice, and self-direction. Drawing inspiration from the rich Belgian culture and nature, the design seamlessly merges urban, rural, and coastal landscapes. Anchored by a red tube slide and adorned with organic shapes, the differentiated spaces conjures an imaginative realm for students to embark on a lifelong journey of play, curiosity and discovery.