INT Interior Design Awards 0
aspect of the lobby of the dental clinic. highlighting the main axis of synthesis: point, line, framework, balance and event.

Point Line Framework

Firm LocationAthens, Greece
Project locationAthens, Greece
CompanyConstructing Realities
Lead ArchitectEirini Krasaki
Design TeamKaterina Velliou, Evangelia Antoniou

The dental clinic was conceived as a place of relaxation, self – care and the redefinition of self-balance, having human as the point of reference. Timaeus in Plato defines balance as a means of contending body diseases. Thus, the exploration of balance in the midst of spatial conditions of the clinic was a fundamental axis of the synthesis. Artworks by the artist Katerina Velliou have been positioned strategically in order to either express the balance within the network or to highlight the conception of event within the space featuring the juxtaposition of points, lines and frameworks.