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Zhi-Zong Deng's Masterpiece: 'Tinted the Sky with Pink'

Deng’s Vision in “Tinted the Sky with Pink”

Zhi-Zong Deng, a name synonymous with creativity and finesse in interior design, has recently captivated the global design community with his project “Tinted the Sky with Pink“. Leading No-Line Design in Taiwan, Deng’s approach to this 39m² space is not just a display of his exceptional skills but also a reflection of the client’s multifaceted inner world. The project, distinguished by its innovative use of materials, color, and space, exemplifies Deng’s unique perspective in the field of interior design.

Monochrome portrait of Zhi-Zong Deng
Portrait of Zhi-Zong Deng

Exclusive Interview with Zhi-Zong Deng

Embracing Artistic Expression in Interior Design


1. Can you share how winning at the INT Awards has influenced your views on your creative journey or business?

Zhi-Zong Deng: inning the INT Awards was a significant milestone. It reinforced my belief that interior design is more than just arranging spaces—it’s a form of artistic expression. Our focus is on understanding the client’s personality, hobbies, and lifestyle, and then reflecting that in our designs. The aim is to showcase the client’s inner world through a blend of materials, colors, and space.

2. What inspires your creativity, and how do you approach the creative process in your interior design work?

Zhi-Zong Deng: Our creative process begins with observation, understanding, and empathy. The more deeply we connect with the client, the more unique the project becomes. Each project is tailored to the user, focusing on their traits, lifestyle, and preferences, and integrating these elements into the design through materials, colors, light, and furniture.

3. How do you expect the INT Award to impact your credibility and reputation in the interior design industry?

Zhi-Zong Deng: There is no specific plan regarding this at present. However, the recognition is undoubtedly valuable.

4. As an INT Award winner, what aspects of the experience do you find most valuable, and would you recommend it to fellow interior designers?

Zhi-Zong Deng: The experience teaches us not to fear challenges. Every risk and difficulty encountered is worth embracing. I would definitely recommend it to my peers in the industry.

5. Do you plan to apply for the next edition of the INT Awards?

Zhi-Zong Deng: Yes, we intend to participate in the next edition.

Elegant interior view of 'Tinted the Sky with Pink' showcasing Deng's innovative use of space and color.
Tinted the Sky with Pink

The Future of Interior Design with Zhi-Zong Deng

Zhi-Zong Deng’s journey in the world of interior design is a compelling narrative of creativity, empathy, and innovation. His work, particularly in “Tinted the Sky with Pink,” is a clear demonstration of how spaces can transcend their physical boundaries to become expressions of individuality and personality. Deng’s recognition at the INT Awards is not just an accolade but a testament to his unique vision in the interior design landscape. As the global community of interior designers watches, Zhi-Zong Deng continues to redefine the boundaries of what s possible in interior design.
Modern and artistic kitchen design from Zhi-Zong Deng's 'Tinted the Sky with Pink' project
The Kitchen in 'Tinted the Sky with Pink' project
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