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Introducing the INT Interior Design Awards

Interior design is almost as old as humanity itself. Ever since we started scratching and painting on the walls of caves, we’ve pushed this creative science to new and higher limits, exploring exciting new materials, methods, ideas, and locations. Art and science both, each adding to the end result, reinventing and invigorating, interior design asks questions of ourselves and our interaction with the spaces we live, work, and play within.

Taking an interior space and altering and coaxing the very best out of it means many different things. Every project is a unique opportunity for function and form, a chance to dip into a huge toolbox of design factors: texture, colour, shadow and light, windows, furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and doors, to name just a few.

None of this is easy. 

Achieving a viable, cohesive whole, fulfilling the design brief and pushing boundaries is challenging — and your achievement deserves to be celebrated and rewarded, shared widely among peers and the public.

This is where the INT Interior Design Awards comes in.

Taking its name from the screenplay scene heading for ‘interior’, INT aims to provide a high-quality, global outlet to showcase and promote your talent, sharing your project and rewarding your hard work as you deserve.

At INT we want to demonstrate the magnificent breadth of interior design, placing your project before our panel of expert jurors and giving you a chance to in turn be placed in front of our truly international audience.

Simply put, we want INT to be the home of the best interior design in the world — and we want you to be a part of it. 

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